5 Reasons For Retirement Planning

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Retirement is an inevitable life event that marks the end of your full-time employment and its resulting income. Whether you are in the early or middle stage of your career, nearing retirement, or already in retirement, achieving a financially secure retirement should always be one of your most important financial goals. Here are five reasons […]

7 Traits Of Successful Retirees

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Retiring successfully means being able to accumulate the retirement nest egg needed for a financially-secured retirement. While planning is the key to retiring successfully, not everyone who plans for retirement is automatically guaranteed to achieve their retirement goals. People who retire successfully display some, or all of the following seven traits: They have a clear […]

Financial Planning Basics

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Securing your financial future is a serious matter. Having a vision and a plan for your financial future brings the order and discipline you need, and ultimately the control and peace of mind you desire, in your financial life. Financial planning can help you define, pursue, and achieve your financial goals. Here are some basics […]

5 Benefits Of Financial Planning

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Financial planning is a systematic approach towards pursuing your financial goals. It involves making the right financial decisions today for better financial results in the future. Financial planning adds clarity and inspires discipline to your financial life, which gives you a sense of control, assurance, and peace of mind regarding your financial future. Following are […]

8 Common Misconceptions About Financial Planning

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Most people understand the basics of financial planning and the benefits it offers. Yet, many of them also have some misconceptions about financial planning. While there can be a variety of reasons why many people don’t plan for their financial future, part of it can be explained by some common misconceptions they may have about […]

5 Things To Consider While Selecting A Financial Advisor

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The term “financial advisor” is a generic term that anyone can use to describe themselves regardless of their educational background, professional experience, and subject matter expertise. Moreover, not all financial advisors are required to be impartial and act in their clients’ best interests. This creates confusion for consumers who may be searching for a well-qualified […]

Common Excuses People Use To Avoid Financial Planning

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While most of us have dreams and aspirations about the financial future we want for ourselves and for our family, only a few of us have a plan to achieve them. Financial planning is the most systematic and efficient way of pursuing our financial goals. Despite knowing the benefits of financial planning and how financial planning may help you realize […]

Retirement Planning 101

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Retirement planning is about planning to accumulate your retirement nest egg during your working life and distribute it wisely during your retirement years, so that it lasts your entire retirement. It is about thinking ahead and planning to realize the life you want to live in retirement. Here is a brief overview of the steps […]

8 Reasons Why People Don’t Plan For Retirement

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For most people, the amount of income they need in the first year of their retirement is between 70% and 90% of their living wage in the last year of their working life. Furthermore, most retirees need 60% to 90% of their total retirement income to be generated by the nest egg they have saved […]

Why Budget?

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Your budget is a blueprint of how you are going to spend and save your income over the next 12 to 24 months. Your budget not only helps you maximize and prioritize your current finances, gaining clarity and control over them, but also serves as a foundational building block for your short-term and long-term financial […]